Monday, July 03, 2006

i haven't exactly fallen off the face of the earth...

a friend of mine basically demanded and forced me to update this thing ;). hey, what are friends for? i guess he knows what's best for me, and i could certainly take a few minutes out of the day to indulge the writer in me. i originally intended to update this with reviews/thoughts about the books i'm reading, but too much time has lasped since i've been listening to them, so the thoughts i've had about them have more or less dulled, and therefore discussing them would prove rather boring. i've already said what i thought about them to j, so it's lost it's appeal.

right now i'm listening to a "anise boys" written by neil gaiman, one of my favorite authors. so far, i haven't been disappointed, and neither has j, i think. he can be a little hard to please, though i suppose we both are. if you've read any other books by gaiman, on the surface they seem rather normal, but then he adds a few supernatural and fantastical elements to create a new dimension to say, a brotherly fued, as told in the "anise boys." in this book, they are the sons of a god, except one is "normal" and the other is more like their father. and well, to give any more away would be a shame, and i haven't even finished it yet!

outside of the world of books, i bought a nintendo ds lite and a few games and i'm having great fun with it. i've never been much of a video game person, but j is right, i have been playing it a lot. i like the concept of having something you can carry around. it makes waiting at a resturant a lot more entertaining, even moreso if you're with friends who have one too. i'm trying to convince j to buy one of the old ones used, since it'd be for cheap, and then we could get together with tim and have a grand 'ole time with mariokart or whatever. i've never actually had a handheld game system, well, save for the time when my brother let me "temporarly have" his sega gamegear, only a year or so later he took it back. i love how a lot of personal electronics are using rechargable batteries that last for many hours on a charge. this is glorious, simply glorious!

work is more or less being a pain. the microfiche scanner is having a difficult time... i think it's putting in it's final throws before it gets heaped into the junkyard. which is a shame, because microfiche scanners aren't cheap. which means that it's highly likely that my work gets outsourced. if that happens, i'm not really sure what i'll be doing. maybe large format scanning and quality control. it's a shame, because i rather enjoyed scanning microfiche. it was death at first, but now, all i need is a good (or bad, as the case may be) audiobook and i'm set. it's a pretty mindless thing, so i can multitask. if i do anything else in the shop, then i won't have that luxury. if i do some of these other things though, i should get a raise, but i probably won't. i've been gathering quite a few design clients and so on, some of them by sheer accident. it's enough, though, that i'm starting to get backed up. but since this microfiche scanner is being stupid, i have a little more time to get these projects finished, and then maybe i can get some other things i've been putting off done. i'm starting to feel guilty for putting all of this stuff off. i'll admit, there have been times when i've procrastinated working on a project. i have been working a lot though. i just bought this ds, so i've been relaxing my brain a bit and playing the games, but aside from that, i've been as busy as ever. i only get around 5 hours of sleep a night now, which really has to change, in fact, i'm going to get at least 7 hours today, but 8 would be better.

sigh, just thinking about all the things i should be doing instead of writing this is catching up with me. i'll try not to ignore this thing so much. try is the keyword.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

first post, boring title

i seem to have an awful habit of starting blogs and eventually abandoning them only a few months later. i guess the idea of publishing my thoughts onto the web is an appealing one, especially to the writer in me, but i go through these periods of droughts. i can't spare a single word to share my life. i guess i wind up afraid that wandering eyes, eyes i don't want to wander, will find it, and i will make a fool of myself. sometimes i care more tan i ought to, sometimes i don't care at all. usually it's the times when i start a new one that i feel invinceble. sometimes i wonder if people even read this at all. as far as i know, i've never had any sort of following in any of my blogs. i'm not very good at advertising.

i always want to write after i read books, whether they are good or bad. i guess every day life leads me to believe that i will never be a writer. i will never have what it takes to complete a body of work. and i suppose that's right. but still, once i am taken into another world full of pictures created with words i feel home. i have always had a way with words, not in the vernacular way, but written. when i try to speak, the words come out mispronouced and everyone around me laughs. i blush and wish that i could type everything i ever said. that way, when i feel irritated with someone, i can hide it. in real life, i am an open book and easily annoyed. on the internet, i am patient and careful.

i'm reading this book called "vanishing acts" by jodi somethingoranother. i haven't finished, but i don't really need to. to be completely frank, this "new york times award winning author greatest thing since sliced bread and whoever decided sliced bread was that great anyway" has written a pretty crappy book. ok, okay, perhaps i'm a little harsh. i'm actually listening to it on cd because i needed something to occupy my mind while i scan row after row of microfiche onto the computer. i hate the way delia and fitz talk. delia overpronounces everything and talks like she doesn't really care what she's reading. i picture her standing next to the microphone, slouched, with her hand on her back and thinking about when her next break is. fitz spits out all of his s's and sounds like he's going to fall over from not having enough air. everything is dramatic even when it's not. but voices aside, the book is pretty unrealistic and melodramatic.

the story starts out in new hampshire where delia has a perfect childhood. then police come and arrest her father for kidnapping her 28 years ago. the man is placed in jail and eventually transfered to arizona, where she was kidnapped to be tried. on his first night in jail he is beat up and practically raped. the whole time this is happening i'm wondering why they can do this because the statute of limitations has most likely run out by this time, and second, why would they put a 60 year old man with guys like this? and why would they set him with a one million bail? ridiculous. delia has two childhood friends, one of which she is engaged to, and it forms a love triangle. of course every book written by a woman has to have a female protaganist that is near perfection with several boys that are pathetically in love with her.

after awhile delia really gets on my nerves. she is VERY dramatic, stubborn and not very understanding. she toils over the fact that she can't remember anything from when she was FOUR YEARS OLD before she was abducted by her father. she slowly recovers memories and still complains about them. i don't know about you, but i've never "recovered" memories from when i was younger. if anything, i forget them as time passes. i don't have mysterious dreams about my past either. but i guess that is why this is a fiction. there's also a lot of pretentious passages that are supposed to say something really deep about life except they don't really make any sense. it's writernese. it comes off so pathetically stupid i burst out laughing several times while listening.

during this one scene, delia suggests that everyone is born with memories that maybe become recovered even though they aren't they're memories, but someone elses? i say that with question because i really don't know what she was trying to say. it certainly didn't make much sense, and if i understand even remotely what she was trying to say, it was a stupid idea at best. certainly not worth writing in some silly book. the writer goes into detail about various different cultures: both mexican and native american (the hoppi mostly), which is great and all, but it also comes off a little pretentious to me. when listening to this book, i just feel like the writer is being trendy and writing about things that others have done so many times before and probably did a better job. her understanding of law seems to be lacking, and is probably the biggest flaw of the story, since it hinges around the fact that delia's father is in jail.

oh, i also hate the fact that i can get into everyone's head. i hate reading the same event 5 times from different people. i say, just write it from the third person. this isn't a play, i don't want to read a series of monolouges. i'm half surprised i'm not reading anything from the perspective of delia's four year daughter. the only book with different voices like this that i've enjoyed was the posionwood bible. but the reason i loved that book was because the writer was exceptionally good at crafting unique and interesting characters and did a lot more research. the story was much more believable (though the ending was a little... preachy to say the least).

another thing about "vanishing acts" is the way the characters will begin a passage with some sort of memory that is later incorporated into a scene, but it doesn't really make sense most of the time. i have a feeling she is trying to make her characters seem more real or that they have a big history together, which i already know they do, but it just seems contrived to me. i know this is very subjective criticism, but i can't explain it. you're either good, pretentious or just crap. i guess some people like to indulge themselves in something like "vanishing acts" but i prefer something a little more upscale. actually, upscale isn't the world. how about something... real?

and thus ends my little rant.